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Welcome to Georgetown. Georgetown Homeowners Association welcomes you to our Georgetown neighborhood via the Internet. Georgetown is a 96 lot single-family residential community located in Frankfort, Illinois near Route 30 and Harlem Avenue.
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Neighborhood News!
HOA General Meeting
Georgetown Homeowners’ Association General Meeting The next semi-annual General Meeting will be held next Monday, October 26th, 2015 at 7:30pm at the Frankfort Square Park District Building, 7540 W. Braemer Lane, Frankfort, IL. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Branch Pickup Schedule
April 6 through October 12
Branches will be picked up by Public Works crews on Mondays from April through mid-October.
If a holiday falls on Monday, branches will be picked-up the following day. Branches must be placed out by 7:00 a.m. on scheduled pick up days, as the brush crew will run their route only once.
Only branches 1 inch in diameter or larger will be picked up, as smaller materials do not go through the equipment properly. Branches over twelve (12) inches in diameter must be cut into eighteen (18)-inch lengths, and will be picked up by a separate truck later in the day. Please stack all branches neatly, with cut ends facing the street.

Georgetown Neighborhood Reminders

SIGNS: Please note that the only signs permitted to be displayed are For Sale signs. No other signs, political or otherwise, are permitted, in accordance with the Covenants.

TRASH/GARBAGE CONTAINERS: Other than garbage pick-up on Mondays, the Covenants also stipulate that “no garbage, trash or refuse cans, containers or receptacles shall be maintained or kept in any portion of the lot beyond the front of any building constructed thereon, and all such garbage, trash or refuse cans, containers, and receptacles shall be placed so as to reasonably screen them from view from the streets.” Visit http://www.villageoffrankfort.com/live/village-services/garbagepickup for more details.

Did you know? In 2019, the Lincoln-Way 210 portion of your property taxes will be raised to pay for an automatic 35% increase for bond repayment. ...
Go to www.lincolnwayareataxpayersunite.org to read more on how your property tax dollars are being spent.

Frankfort Village News!

Did you know? The Lincoln-Way 210 2013 bond restructure added 9 years of payments and more than $100 million dollars to our debt. ... Go to www.lincolnwayarea
to read more on how your property tax dollars are being spent.

Go To Village News to read more.

Frankfort Police News!

Get up to date Frankfort news and updates from the Frankfort Police Department by following them on Twitter or learn more about them on Facebook. If you don’t know how to become a fan of the Frankfort Police Department on Facebook or how to follow them on Twitter, you can contact them at (815)469-9435.

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